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Gen-Tek Computer Graphics, LLC has been serving the legal, medical, construction and engineering communities since 1995. We specialize in 3D modeling and 2D images that serve to illustrate events and data in an easily comprehensible manner. Our staff and technicians will work with you closely to assemble all of your information to develop accurate 3D or 2D content for your presentation purposes. To see some of our past work, we invite you to browse our gallery of videos below.


Never Ever Shake a Baby


Building Collapse

Hydroelectric Power Plant Delays

Electrical Contractor’s Nightmare

Crane Collapse


The first video in our Salt Mining gallery will show a number of sequential steps in the process of mining salt. This animation (video) and many others were developed for a law firm to demonstrate their case that would eventually lead to a settlement.

Gen-Tek was retained for the purpose of providing a chorological chain of events using computer generated graphics and actual video footage that would demonstrate clearly events that led to a posture of revealing certain truths and to bring both parties to an acceptable conclusion. Without prior mining knowledge, Gen-Tek began working with an expert team of geologists, rock mechanics and attorneys to create over an hour of animated evidence in support of their case. The challenge was to decipher the ideas and thoughts from the team and translate them into comprehensive visuals. In that process, Gen-Tek was privileged to a world of information about mining and expert opinions that cannot be learned in any classroom.

Steps in mining

Second in the mining series of creating large pillars

Third video depicting salt mining problems

Fourth video explaining rock mechanics

Fifth Video defining closure rates

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How you present your information in the courtroom or workplace can make all the difference to the outcome of your trial or meeting. Support your case or convince prospective clients with strong visual presentations from Gen-Tek Computer Graphics, LLC. Learn more about our services or speak to us about your next project by giving us a call today.