Gen-Tek Computer Graphics, LLC

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Since our inception in 1995, Gen-Tek Computer Graphics, LLC has been providing expert CAD engineering support and 3D computer animation services to civil engineering, construction, medical and legal communities in a wide range of deliverables. Need 3D animation, video editing or photogrammetry? Our services are offered to companies anywhere in the world.

The CAD Experts

Our founder, John Genuard, brings over 40 years of experience to each project. His experience includes civil engineering and fossil fuel projects to nuclear power plants.

External link opens in new tab or windowJohn Genuard Extremely well-versed in computer-aided design applications, he also specializes in the development of CAD training programs which enable the training of associated disciplines in basic and advanced usage of MicroStation and AutoCAD software. Using programs such as 3Ds Max (an Autodesk program), we can illustrate projects in three dimensions (3D), giving the viewer an unmistakable comprehension of complex issues.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

For added impact and clarity to your project, we use programs such as Photoshop to create still images for labels, titles and poster board presentations. Additionally, we use other software programs for file format conversions to facilitate the creation of a seamless presentation. The final results, whether they are engineering drawings, 3D animations or simple still images are only complete when they have undergone enough iteration to satisfy the needs of our client. For more information about our services please contact us today. Actual cases will be provided upon request.